Terms of Service


Terms of Use

This agreement ("Agreement") describes the conditions and rules under which the GIFSoup service ("we" or "our company" or "gifsoup.com") offers you ("the Visitor" or "you") its services.

This service allows you to convert FLV files into Animated GIFs. The user is solely responsible for the use of this free tool. The user must adhere to all terms and conditions with all internet based media web sites. We provide the user the ability to convert FLV files into .GIF files through this free online tool.

Main Terms

By using the services of GIFSoup, the Visitor agrees to observe all of the following conditions and rules:

1) You alone bear full responsibility for any data (digital information) transmitted to GIFSoup.com servers. Additionally note that the non-observance of current laws, including those concerning intellectual and artistic property, may be grounds for lawsuits and criminal investigation.

2) You agree not to use the GIFSoup service to download files containing and promoting terrorism, torture, racial or religious discrimination, suicide or harm to minors in any form, as well as child pornography and/or certain sexually explicit materials or services. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any user in violation of our terms. Any user who does not adhere to these terms will immediately have their account terminated and further action may be updheld in a court of law.

3) You agree not to use the GIFSoup service to download files, the content of which violates any patent rights, trademarks, trade secret, copyright or other property rights by any person or entity.

4) You agree not to use the GIFSoup service to run a third-party site.

5) You agree not to use the GIFSoup service to run bots to download files from other websites.

6) The GIFSoup service does not give any guarantees as to its use. You may use the GIFSoup service for any purpose, personal or commercial.

7) The GIFSoup service reserves the right to change or cease any of its services at any time.

8) The GIFSoup service has the right to unilaterally change the terms of this agreement at any time.

For Copyright Owners

If you are the copyright owner of certain material and want to block the conversion and download of this material, please contact us by e-mail at copyright@gifsoup.com.