Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is GIFSoup?

A: GIFSoup is a free GIF creating and sharing service that lets you easily create your own animated GIFs from Youtube videos and share your gifs on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, social networks, blogs and message boards.

Q: How do i create a GIF?

A: 1. Copy the full YouTube address of the video you wish to convert to a GIF. 2. Paste the web address into the box on the homepage. 3. Click 'Create Gif' button. 4. Be patient, process can take anywhere from a few seconds to minutes. 5. You will be redirected to a page where you can edit your Gif accordingly. 6. You're done! Enjoy your creation and share it to the world!

Q: Can I create GIFs on GIFSoup for free?

A: Yes, but you must first register a free account.


Q: Why can't I create a GIF?

A: To create a GIF you must have java enabled in your browser. Here are Step-by-Step instructions on how to do so.

Q: I've enabled java in my browser but I still can't create a GIF. What do I do?

A: Make sure that you are using the correct Youtube/Video link. Here's an example of the correct link format that you should be using: Example

Q: I've enabled java and used the correct URL but I still can't create a GIF. What do i do next?

A: Some videos on YouTube are rendered in a format in which our server cannot read. Try finding the same video uploaded by a different user and use that URL instead.

Q: How do I remove the text (create gifs at at the bottom of my GIF?

A: To remove the watermark, you must upgrade your account to premium.

Q: Why is the timing of my GIF incorrect?

A: Some videos uploaded on YouTube are rendered in the wrong manner and thus causing the time of the video to be off. We suggest playing with the time and previewing the GIF before making it. For example, if what you're trying to create starts at 25 seconds and ends at 35 seconds, try putting 27 seconds as the start time and 37 seconds as the end time. You may also use 'milliseconds' to make the timing of your GIF as accurate as possible.

Q: Why can't I post GIFs on my Tumblr?!

A: The gif has to be under 500KB for it to work on Tumblr.


Q: Could you tell me more about the premium membership benefits?

A: Sure! Being a GIFSoup premium member entitles you to a bucket full of goodies! As a GIFSoup premium member you'll be able to: Create extremely ginormeous GIFs, create totally rad Hi-Definition animated GIFs, add doodle (text) of fun to your GIFs, remove the annoying 'create animated gifs at' watermark at the bottom of your GIFs, create longer full-length animated GIFs, change the speed (turtle slow to turbo fast!) of your GIFs, take advantage of unlimited GIF creations, have unlimited GIF storage and the super cool ability to turn 'Overdrive' on to give you the full experience! And there's much much more! Wow, I'm out of breath.

Q: I admit, I'm a little confused. What is 'Overdrive'?

A: Overdrive is a cool little feature that we currently only provide to our premium members. Basically, Overdrive is an on/off switch that allows you to turn all animated GIFs to the 'on' position (where every single GIF on the homepage/search results page/profile page/etc is moving and animated! If it gets too crazy for you, you can always turn it off.

Q: Can you explain your premium membership plans?

A: It's simple. Choose from our 3 premium plans: 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. With all 3 plans you get unlimited privileges to every GIFSoup premium tool under the sun! But when you choose the 6 month or 12 month plan, you'll be receiving free months of premium access on the house.

Q: Can I cancel my premium membership at any time?

A: Of course!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Paypal and Credit Card. If you're having trouble finding where to pay by credit or debit card, Click Here.